Each athlete will have the opportunity to tackle new challenges on all Olympic events. Skill accomplishments can be accessed from an online, user friendly skill sheet.


(AGES 6 & UP)


Girls Recreational Gymnastics


Boys Recreational Gymnastics


As a sport, gymnastics is unbeaten in developing the total person. Each apparatus uniquely contributes to the development of such attributes as speed, power, grace as well as general coordination and flexibility. In addition to the physical benefits, real life values such as attention to detail, desire, discipline, dedication and determination are promoted as confidence grows. Skill sheet are recorded from the weekly curriculum so students and parents can see their progress of all the foundational skills. Every skill is broken down into progressions to dissect the parts of the skill into easy to learn pieces that can be assembled for a new skill achievement. All participants will train on all the Olympic events (Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor) and trampoline. All participants in this program are given the opportunity to participate in an EXPO. This is an exhibition of their skills for parents, friends and family.

  • Sapphires - Girls Beginner 1 - This class is where the student falls in love with the sport. They will discover that the fun progressions they can make on each of the Olympic apparatus’ is really “FUN”! Our curriculum is designed to build a foundation of basics for strength, flexibility, and coordination in a fun, exciting, and encouraging environment.  As the student masters the basic skills it will prepare them for more advanced skills and progressions.  Our goal is to increase the confidence in each child and grow their love for exercise. Every class is spent focusing on three of the four Olympic events (Vault, bars, beam, floor). In addition, the students are taught trampoline and dance skills. Each week rotates to cover all events equally. 

  • Garnets – Girls Beginner 2 - This class is designed to meet the needs of the student who has mastered the foundations and skill progressions in Girls Beginner 1. It takes the skills and foundation previously learned to perfect the “level 1” USAG competition routine. Though not on a competitive team the students will still receive the training to do so. In addition, they will train the level 2 skills and drills for level 3 skills. It is this level that students are given the option to move into a developmental team for competition or remain in the recreational program.

  • Rubies – Girls Intermediate - Students in this class have mastered both levels of beginner level and are perfecting level 2 routines and learning level 3 skills. This level consists of the famous “back handspring” on floor, front hip circle on bars, front handspring on vault, handstands on beam and more! This class meets for 1.5 hours and is recommended to take twice a week to ensure progress on skills that are more challenging.

Class Dress Code

Dressing appropriately for class is very important!  Girls should wear a leotard to class (no skirts attached).  In cold weather, sweatpants or leggings can be worn over a leotard. Boys should wear cotton shorts and a tight T-shirt or compression shirt.  In cold weather, sweatpants and sweatshirts are appropriate allowed. It is wise to layer warm clothes over cool clothes because children are likely to get warm once they start class and may discard the warm layers. Leotards and other general apparel are available in our Pro-Shop during office hours. No gum, jewelry (stud earrings that cannot stand on their own are ok) or zippers/buckles/snaps/buttons, etc, no socks or footed tights

Mon-Fri: 8AM–8PM
Sat: 9AM–12:30PM

Closed on Sundays