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The Rock’s preschool programs capture your child’s imagination and uses it as a tremendous motivating force for creative exploration of physical capabilities and development. Children in these classes, will be challenged to increase coordination, agility, flexibility, strength and self-control all under the name of “FUN”. Classes are divided into 5 different levels to enable the classes to be cater to their age and development.


  • Pebbles - A 40 min structured style class of parent/child interaction as we add the concept of working in a group, taking turns and staying on task for longer periods of time. Special lesson plans enhance motor development and increase teaching of skills. With guidance form the teacher and parent, each child will be encouraged and rewarded for efforts toward mastery of physical expression. A variety of equipment and gymnastics skills will make this time with your child stimulating and fun!

  • Cobblestones - Independence and alertness are essential for children in this program. This level helps the child adjust socially and emotionally by providing them with successful experiences, eye/hand and foot coordination plus locomotor abilities. Gymnastics apparatus and skills are to learn the fundamentals of the sport such as rolls, cartwheels, swinging on bars, proper jumping on the trampoline and walks on the beam to name a few. Classes are 40 min for 3 yr olds and 50 min for 4-6 yrs.

  • Sandstones - This level will take the basics co-ordinational skills learned in Cobblestones and pursue more complex skills and training of gymnastics skills. This class will focus on retaining all the “fun” while taking their skills to the next level. Students in this class will understand and know how to work a circuit of skills and stay on task. Prerequisite of Cobblestone class is required. Classes are 40 min for 3 yr olds and 50 min for 4-6 yrs.

  • Flintstones - Student in this class have displayed a love for the sport and are now ready to pursue more technical corrections and master the skill progressions for Level 1 USAG requirements. Make no doubt the “fun” remains but balanced with good technique requirements. Prerequisite of Sandstone class is required. Classes are 1 hour.

  • RockStars - Rockstars is a pre-competition developmental class required to come two days a week to train. This class will learn the first level of competition routines and are eligible to compete at age 4. Student are recommended for this advancement by the instructors.

Class Dress Code

Dressing appropriately for class is very important!  Girls should wear a leotard to class (no skirts attached).  In cold weather, sweatpants or leggings can be worn over a leotard. Boys should wear cotton shorts and a tight T-shirt or compression shirt.  In cold weather, sweatpants and sweatshirts are appropriate allowed. It is wise to layer warm clothes over cool clothes because children are likely to get warm once they start class and may discard the warm layers. Leotards and other general apparel are available in our Pro-Shop during office hours. No gum, jewelry (stud earrings that cannot stand on their own are ok) or zippers/buckles/snaps/buttons, etc, no socks or footed tights

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