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We celebrate the art of performing! Our students can study dance, tap/musical theater, learn dance tumbling among a variety of other dance genres.

We offer ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical/modern, and hip-hop.

Great fit for the ham in your family. Combines tap with acting, and dancing.


No need to choose! Allow your child to enjoy the fusion of gymnastics and dance genres. Dance options include ballet, jazz, tap, & musical theater.

Dance genres

BalletThe foundation of many dance genre’s, ballet will maximize technique and longevity in a career of dance. Ballet teaches grace, poise, and the technique needed for all other areas of dance while improving posture, flexibility, fitness, balance, self-discipline, self-confidence, and more … (no preprequisite class required, ballet shoes, leotard and tights required)

Ballet/Lyrical - This class combines techniques of classical ballet and modern dance with current forms of popular dance. Focus is on increasing flexibility and strength, rhythms and isolation of body parts, and expressing personal style … (no preprequisite class required, ballet shoes, leotard and tights required)

Dance Tumbling - If this is your nitch you are very familiar with the trend of incorporating aerials and tumbling moves into your dance routines. The eye catching routines of “World of Dance” proves that to be true! This class helps students to move cartwheels into aerials, walkovers into back handsprings and more. The skill progressions are coupled with strength & flexibility to help the student be successful and safe in the learning process … (no prerequisite class required, leotard and/or shorts required)

Hip Hop - A high-energy class that teaches all different styles of hip hop such as popping, locking, tutting, and street style … (no prerequisite class required, hip hop shoes or sneakers required)

Jazz - In this class, we will build upon our foundation of ballet. If you enjoy moving to the rhythm of high-energy music and learning to turn and leap, then this is the class for you! … (Ballet required in conjunction with this class, leotard, tights and jazz shoes required)

Tap/Musical Theatre - This class will be full of fun and energy as we combine tap with musical theatre.  Tap focuses on rhythms and patterns in footwork through proper technique, as well as personal style and producing clear sounds while musical theater teaches your dancer a new way to express their emotions, facials, and dance style. … (Ballet required in conjunction with this class, leotard, tights and tap shoes required)


Turns & Techniques - To help improve their execution of leaps, turns, jumps and other dance skills/tricks, this class will focus on strength and flexibility, proper alignment, as well as understanding of body awareness and mobility … (Ballet required in conjunction with this class)

Fusion - This hour and 20 minute class provides the best of both worlds by combining gymanstics and dance in one class. Each class provides 40 minutes of dance and 40 minutes of gymnastics.